Minor Injury & Illness

Minor Injury & Illness

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Alternatively you can visit your nearest Minor Injury Unit:

The Royal Gwent Hospital Minor Injuries Unit & Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr Minor Injuries Unit

The Royal Gwent Hospital 24 hour Nurse Led Minor Injuries Unit at The Royal Gwent Hospital.

Telephone Number: 01633 234234


Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr Hospital 24 hour Nurse Led Minor Injuries Unit at Ystrad Mynach.


Telephone Number: 01443802358


We can treat:

Limb injuries - sprains, strains and fractures less than 4 weeks old.

Cuts, grazes and bruising.

Closure of recent wounds (less than 48 hours old).

Removal of foreign bodies from eyes, nose or ears.

Eye conditions including removal of contact lenses and foreign bodies.

Insect bites or other animal bites.

Minor head injuries ( within 6 days of injury with NO loss of consciousness or vomiting).

Minor burns