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We are a 7 partner training practice situated in a semi-rural part of Gwent, South Wales.

The Rogerstone Practice is a well established group practice having been in the area for almost 60 years. Our practice is recognised for Post Graduate Training which means we train fully qualified Doctors who want to become General Practitioners.

The practice is actively committed to developing primary health care services, believing this is best achieved through the co-ordination and development of the primary health care team, to provide appropriate comprehensive packages of care.

We take pride in our patient care and adhere to good medical practice.



UPDATE 24/05/201 - The Rogerstone Practice would like to thank all our patients for the feedback we have received regarding our new patient triage service that commenced this morning.
We have taken all of your comments that we have received over the past few weeks on board, we really value all of your opinions. The responses overall were largely positive.
We had a bit of a rocky start as our computer system have gone down but we are now back up and running.



Following feedback we have postponed our plans to introduce our new patient triage service until 24th May 2021. This will give patients 28 days to express their views and comments.

We have had to make this decision to introduce this change as the process that we are presently using is no longer sustainable.  We are receiving an increasing amount of requests to speak to a Clinician urgently- last week there were an average of 81 requests per day. A lot of these requests would have been more suited for a routine appointment or for an alternative service.

This will mean patients requiring a same day (Urgent) appointment will still contact the surgery by telephone between 8am and 10am. The Receptionist will ask the nature of the problem and if applicable will be able to effectively signpost them using “Care Navigation” according to their problem to a suitable alternative service (For eg- Pharmacy, Dentist, Optician, Minor injury unit, Physiotherapy etc)

If Care Navigation is not applicable, the patient will be sent a link by text through an authorised secure platform (Accurx) asking for information about their urgent condition. We will ask that the information is returned as soon as possible after recieving the link.                      

Once the response is received, it will be reviewed by a Clinician and the patient will then be contacted by them with appropriate advice relating to their condition.

For those patients who do not have access to the internet or texting facilities, they will still be able to contact the surgery by telephone and make a same day urgent appointment request to discuss their condition with a Clinician after they have been “Care Navigated” by the Receptionist.

Our goal is to navigate patients to the most appropriate service to meet their need and also ultimately to increase the number of routine appointments that we will have available for patients to book.

To inform patients of this process change, posters have been displayed in the waiting area, message slips have been stapled to prescriptions, texts sent to those patients with mobiles and through information on our Facebook and website.

We welcome any views or comments that you may have.

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