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Newport Young Carers ID card scheme is now up and running in our city!

What is the young carers ID card?

The YCID is a simple card that can be used by young carers to identify themselves, feel validated and receive the support that they deserve. The Newport YCID card is a part of a Wales wide scheme, funded by welsh government in collaboration with Carers Trust Wales abd Local Authorities. The blue smiley rainbow symbol identifies our card as being part of this scheme. For more information on the national scheme visit

Who's it for?

Currently, any young carer who is living in Newport, under the age of 18 and registered with Barnardo's Newport Young Carers Service is entitled to the card. However, in time we plan ti expand the scheme to include any young carers living in Newport regardless of whether they receiving our service or not.

How can young carers use the ID card?

The young carers have been fully involved in the ID card project throughout, from creating the artwork for the cards to stating how and where they want to use the card. The main areras that we identified were health settings (GP Surgeries, Pharmacies and Hospitals), education settings (Schools, Colleges and Universities) and in the community (e.g. shops, public transport and leisure centres).

YCID Wristbands

The young carers also told us that sometimes they would prefer to have the card on display and in a landyard, maybe to book more formal for example, when collecting prescriptions from a pharmacy. But that sometimes they would prefer to identify themselves in a more discreet wat e.g. in school. Therefore, we have also created a YCID wristband that can be used in conjunction or as an alternative to the card.

Wednesday 16th March 2022 - Young Carers Day